Frequently asked Questions

1. What is life coaching?

‚ÄčLife coaching does not advise rather it helps you come to your own plan of action or decisions that are good for you. A simple example is suppose you visit a friend in another state. You would like to drive there. While someone else would decide to take an airplane. Life coaching is about what works for you. What solutions and plans work for your life.

2. What does a life coach do?

A life coach uses specially designed tools and techniques to help you through changes you need to make to get the most out of your life.A life coach takes time to listen and understand you.A life coach helps you focus on your life, values, career,etc.Example: What do you want to do about......?Do you have a vision or plan for your life for the next week, month, or year?What are you doing that is working for you?What are you doing that is limiting you?The emphasis is about you, your plans, dreams, and ideas.

3. Why does life coaching work for me?

Life coaching gets positive results.  It is a key to excel in your career, create fulfilling relationships, find your life purpose and discover how to lead a happy, fulfilled life.  Life coaching is an important key to transforming your life.

4. Who can benefit from life coaching?

Anyone going through a career, life or relationship change.Anyone who is stuck in a rut, wants to be happy, or believes there is more to life.

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