Belief Therapy

Belief Therapy Helps You:
Allow me to start with something you may have never thought about.  What we believe drives how we behave.

We do not act outside what we truly believe for any long period of time.

As a Belief Therapist, I help my clients discover their position in Christ, which is an established fact for believers; and recognize their self efforts are trying to achieve what is already accomplished through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Belief Therapy is not based upon traditional therapeutic skills and abilities.  It is based upon the powerful truth of the Word of God.   Unless any person in need of healing - physical, spiritual, or emotional, allows God to speak into his or her life, nothing will change.

As a Belief Therapist I help my clients:

  • Identify the lies they believe
  • Replace them with truth
  • Renew the mind with the truth from God's word, the Bible.

Replacing the lie with truth has immediate and positive benefits.   Renewing the mind is a process. 

God's grace, mercy, and time are powerful remedies in life.

Life controlling problems and wrong mindsets are like huge mountains.

Beliefs that come from God's truth removes those mountains and transforms hearts and minds.