Coach Amy is a wonderful coach. She has a real gift for listening and made me feel understood. When I needed to solve a problem, Coach Amy helped me brainstorm several workable suggestions. I ended up with a very helpful next step toward my long-term solution. I look forward to further sessions with her!"

-D., Pennsylvania

“After several sessions with Amy, I had a clear picture of what was keeping me from moving forward in my life. She listened to me “think out loud” and encouraged me to go a bit farther. I have made several significant positive changes in my life and I will always be grateful for her support.”


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    About amy

     Are you prepared for what is next in your life?

    I have over ten years of experience and I am Certified as a Biblical Life Coach and as a Belief Therapist: 

    • Certified Biblical Life Coach 

    • Certified Belief Therapist

    • Degree in Biblical Studies 

    • Life Transitions Coach 

    • Personal Development Coach

    • Personal Life Coach 

    • Relationship Life Coach

    • Speaker at addiction recovery group

    • Spiritual Life Coach

    I am available by phone (845-661-9639), LinkedIn, Skype,
    e-mail (, and this website.

    Certified Belief Therapist with the Therapon Institute